We held an on-line Twisted Log Cabin Challenge. 

Twisted Log Cabin is stitched on paper or Vilene foundations and, on Day One, we coloured in small paper versions of the foundation, cut them out and stuck them together to create a design for a piece of work. 

On the second day we stitched a piece of work from our design - or at least that was the theory!

Some of these designs are shown below, and some have their stitched versions alongside:

Jenny Chalmers (1)

Jenny Chalmers TLC cushion

Jenny Chalmers 

Ann Lewis TLC (1)

Ann Lewis (2)


Ann Lewis designs

Elizabeth SaundersTLC

Elizabeth Saunders stitched

Elizabeth Saunders 

Gillian Carmichael TLC

Gillian Carmichael Stitched triangle

Gillian Carmichael

Veronica Smith TLC

Veronica Smith Table Runner

Veronica Smith  

Jenny Gridley TLC (1)

Jenny Gridley TLC (2)

Jenny Gridley designs

Janice Beech TLC

Janice Beech finished

Janice Beech 

Sonia Crabb design

Sonia Crabb- design

Sonia Crabb Stitched

Sonia Crabb - stitched

Isabel Reid TLC (1)

Isabel Reid TLC (2)

Isabel Reid TLC (3)

Isabel Reid stitched triangle

Isabel Reid

Ann Stone TLC

Ann Stone finished mat

Ann Stone designs and a Mug Mat

Rosemary Yeoman design

Rosemary Yeoman stitched

Rosemary Yeoman

Chris Wright tlc

Chris Wright designs

Dinah Weberstadt design

Dinah Weberstadt stitched

Dinah Weberstadt

Dinah design (2)

Dinah stitched (2)

Dinah Weberstadt (2)

Monita Haris tlc design

Monita Harris FInished

Monita Harris

Alison Brown finished

Alison Brown

Jeanette Neale stitched

Jeanette Neale stitched triangle

Libby Ryan design

Libby Ryan stitiched

Libby Ryan

Jacky Wood design 1

Jacky Wood design 2

Jacky Wood designs

Elaine Clitheroe stitched

Elaine Clitheroe

Elaine Clitheroe

Elaine Clitheroe

Jan Veitch designs

Jan Veitch designs

Jan Veitch

Jan Veitch Table runner

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