Thank you to everyone who came to our Exhibition at the end of April 2022. It was very successful and we had over 600 visitors. 
Here are some of the quilts that were displayed.
If you hover over the image, the maker's name will appear.

Alison Beckett Annabelle's quilt

Alison Beckett Lockdown quilt

Alison Coote Autumn Stars

Alison Coote Christmas 9-patch and snowballs

Alison Jenkins The Dashing Dutchman

Alison Jenkins Macintosh Rose

Anne Pearce Which Way Now

Anne Pearce Dogs in batik sweaters

Brenda Byrne Waste not, want not

Brenda Byrne Sunbonnet Sue through the year

Brenda Cobbett A change of directionBridget Jones Bits and Bobs

Carol Craig Out of the Blue

Carolyn Taylor Scrappy Snowballs

Carolyn Taylor Japanese Scrappy quilt

Carolyn Taylor Textures

Chris Wright Petals for Jane

Dinah Weberstadt From Coffee Mug to Quilt

Dinah Weberstadt Upcycled Shirts

Dinah Weberstadt New Zealand Adventure

Fiona Bloxham Fiona's Quilt

Ginny Barton 1

Heather Burgess Flower Garden

Helen Moore Red and Black Sashiko

Irene Salmon Getting Started

Irene Salmon Midnight Blue

Jacky Wood Christmas Tree

Jan Veitch Somerset Fireflies

Jan Veitch Robins and Bells

Jane Inder Puffins

Janice Beech Textures

Janice Beech Square within a square

Jasmine Blackman Block Building

Jasmine Blackman It's a Dog's Life

Jean Smith All at Sea

Jenny Carter Lockdown 1

Jenny Carter Log Cabin at Christmas

Jenny Chalmers Birds Fluttering in the Sky

Jenny Chalmers It Started as a Mystery

Jenny Gridley All Squared Up

Jenny Thompson Black and White Rhapsody

Joan Hunt Geese Migrating

Judith Moss Houghton Mill

Julie Paine Autumn Leaves

Libby Ryan Colemore Sampler

Libby Ryan Lockdown House Quilt

Libby Ryan Shimmering Flying Geese

Loretta Foster Moody Blues

Loretta Foster Mellow Yellow

Lorraine Tavender All the Beauty of Winter

Maggie Owen Inspired by William

Margaret Haase Social Distancing

Margaret Haase Square Dance

Margaret Jefferies Flower Garden

Margaret Jefferies Memories of Gordon and Sally

Monita Harris Musume

Our Speaker Joy Salvage

Pat Taylor Sail Away

Pat Waller Memories of Japan

Rosemary Yeoman Sasha

Rosemary Yeoman Tiles

Sandra Compton Snow Folk wish you well

Sandra Compton Winnie's Rules

Sarah Webber Baby Elephants

Sonia Crabb My Yellow Mackintosh

Sue Chambers City Mayhem

Sue Chambers Briar Patch

Sue Huggett Afternoon Tea

Tara Pothecary Sampler Quilt

Veronica Smith Garden Birds

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