We had our first post-lockdown meeting on
Saturday 14th August 2021 and this was be for members only, as are all our meetings (see Membership, below)
We celebrated our 20th Birthday in January 2021
with a Zoom Birthday Party.
This marked twenty years since our first meeting on
13th January 2021
See Events page for more details.
We have been doing several challenges and Mystery Quilts on-line during lockdown. For more details and photos of our work, 
see the individual pages.


 Under the terms of our Public Liability Insurance, our meeting now have to be for our members only and we are no longer able to welcome visitors, as we have in the past. We are currently offering membership to any one who has attended regularly as a visitor in the last couple of years. 

Please contact the Chairman if you need further information, through the Contact Us page. 

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