We made a second mystery quilt to pass the time during the virus isolation.  This was a larger quilt, 42" square, and took longer to make.  Instructions were emailed out to participants every three days starting on Good Friday, 10th April.   38 ladies took on the challenge - some opted to see a picture of the finished quilt before they started but 14 brave ladies decided not to.   There are five different blocks in the quilt -  eight of some and four of others.   


We reached the final day on Saturday 25th April and here are some completed quilts:

Elaine Clitheroe

Jan Veitch

Elaine Clitheroe                                                Jan Veitch

Janet Cops

Monita Harris

Janet Cops                                                 Monita Harris 

Sonia Crabb

Dinah Weberstadt

Sonia Crabb                                                 Dinah Weberstadt

Sharon Knight

Ann Stone

Sharon Knight                                          Ann Stone

Isabel Reid

Veronica Smith

Isabel Reid                                               Veronica Smith

Brenda Cobbett

Brenda Cobbett                                       

Jenny Gridley

Libby Ryan

Jenny Gridley                                             Libby Ryan

Carolyn Taylor

Judith Moss

Carolyn Taylor                                 Judith Moss

Sarah and Imogen

Anne Steel

Sarah and Imogen Glover                   Anne Steel

Alison Beckett

Ginny Barton

Alison Beckett                                          Ginny Barton

Gillian Carmichael

Margaret Jefferies

Gillian Carmichael                                      Margaret Jefferies

Jacky Wood

Elizabeth Saunders

Jacky Wood                                                Elizabeth Saunders

Jenny Chalmers

Jenny Chalmers

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